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2 years

“you put yourself in that position” is the sentence that came out of my parents mouth when i told them i had been raped for the past two years. i remember the first time going to his house and meeting him. he wanted to do things and i kept saying no i’m on my period. but he kept forcing me. anytime i wanted to stop doing things it was “you have to get use to it” “no” “it will only hurt for a second” etc. anytime i wanted to leave he would manipulate me into staying with him. then the time i was unconscious. him another person and i were smoking out in the back. i had told him when we got back in the house i wouldn’t remember anything. next thing i know he’s forcing me to give him oral. i don’t find out until a year later that this wasn’t a dream and he did end up having sex with me. i had to take plan b once because he decided to finish inside me after i said i was uncomfortable with that. this went on for two years. and i thought it was normal. i’ve never been shown what a relationship should actually look like. i’ve only seen relationships where it’s unstable.


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