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I feel fat and not average, I want to have a bf/gf but I feel like no one wants me as I am, I had too many friends and they ignored me since I get fat, im trying to get motivation to love myself and start a new journey, I don’t want to just please my parents but myself, is 185 lb big? Well for me and everybody is , my family want me to get good grades but also miss school to go with them somewhere, so wich one you want me to do, I’m scared of my parents, in 2 years I may be able to get out of this dark place


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Out of anyone, why me?

At 13, I was walking to the bus stop after school. I thought I trusted him. he waited at the bus stop with me. That was the last time I was every truly happy. He did things I didn't want him to do and


Breathing relaxes me decretes negative thought patterns

body issues

Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable with my body, and this affects me in a negative manner; you know, how I view myself in relation to others. What can I do to stop comparing myself to others?


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