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Behind the glass

I have friends. I really believe I do. But where are they? What happened to getting dinner every other night, or group hangouts in a dorm room until 2 am? Whatever happened to “I’m always here for you”? Now it’s I’m busy, I have plans, we’ll try another time. Another time never comes. Is my timing that bad? Or do they just not really want to hang out with me. My boyfriend says I don’t need them. I want them. He doesn’t like many people. I do. He sees the worst. I see the best. I don’t think he’s actively trying to isolate me from people. But he’s doing it without realizing it. And acts so disappointed and hurt if I even go to the store without him while he’s at work. I love him but it’s overwhelming. He doesn’t understand how important it is for me to be able to go out with the girls.


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