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It all starts with some of the ‘popular’ boys…won’t get into name but we’ll call the one that does it daily, Joe. I’m Katie so keep that in mind. I’m an average height person with a little fat cause I’m still growing (5’4) but considering I’m only in middle school “what the hell boys??” So going on with Joe, he has snap I don’t cause of my parents so to you guys without it-stay without it. I hear from my friends that “Joe” calls me a fat stepdad,cow,pig, “built like a school bus” girl. Which started when I moved to the state I’m in currently during 4th grade, and even before I moved from the state I was in to the one I’m in now, I got called the class clown, or the one who just started trouble. Now ofc being the little devil I was I just kept the “class clown” thing in my head. Carried it up till now. I have gone to a counselor about this and she said if it keeps up to let her know ( almost all day that anyway) so I went back to class as I was already skipping all of 7th period to talk to them about something that other girls messaged me about killing myself and my classmates and I brought up Joe. They also call me weird and annoying but be fr if you got to know me better and better then you’d know I have two different personality’s at school and one at home. That’s all I got hope this helps and stay safe!! Drink water


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