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Can my mother feel empathy?

My mother puts a lot of pressure on me to take care of her children. I don't think this is fair because I didn't decide to have multiple children at the same time. She plays the victim whenever she can. She says having children is a burden. It's almost like she is unable to do simple things like drive me to school or take me shopping for new clothes. Bipolar disorder is common in our family and I'm afraid that my mom has it. She has extreme highs and lows and tries to make everyone around her pity her. She tells me how much she wants to be a grandma and that I should have children but yet she complains about how she doesn't sleep anymore or how she's constantly in pain from having children. Then I tell her I don't want children in the future, she gets mad at me. Anything I do can trigger her. I'm walking eggshells around her. I also can't believe that I'm having a conversation with my mom about future children at 14. Her standards are unreachable. I feel stuck and I don't want to live with her anymore.


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