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Contradictions and Lies

Society be like: Come here, cover up. You know better, dress less sl*tty.

Live more, have some fun.

No boy wants a girl who won't dress sultry.

Speak up, if you don't, it might happen to someone else.

Oh really?

You too?

Not likely.

Go back to hiding in your shells.

You need some therapy.

You can't do this alone.

Therapy is for the weak. Grow a f*cking backbone.

Take that off now, you look like a boy.

Put something else on, you aren't someone's toy.

Your hair is so short, grow it out, long and fair.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Boys will be boys.

He was just playing and goofing around.

Our neighbor r@ped his daughter, now he's prison-bound.

Hair on your body? What the hell's wrong with you?

Grow some of that out, self love is IN, dude.

And so on.


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