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Friends are my real Family.

In families where love is but a sham,

Where duties are heaped upon your frame,

And though they call you by their name, You feel more like a slave than part of the game.

Where mother neglects and father leaves, A daughter of broken love screams, Stepfather spends his money on the lottery,

Mother insecure shutting out from her family,

Daughter cries inside but always smiles, Leaving but only forgotten tears.

But then there are those rare true friendships found, Whose bonds go deep and never wane, Like a warm embrace on cold dark ground, They lift you and make you whole again.

These friends who treat you like kin, Are the ones who truly make you grin, For in their eyes, you see no sin, Only laughter, joy, and love within. So let the chains of familial duty fall, And run to those who hear your call, For they will hold you tight and true,

And shower you with love anew.


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