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how am i supposed to let you go when everything reminds me of you? you’re in the songs i listen to and the places i go. you’re a part of every aspect in my life. i can’t let you leave. i need you here. i love you more than anything. when are you gonna love me enough to stay? i can’t breathe without you. please just come back. you’re my favorite piece of me. and it hurts me to know that i love you more than you could ever love me. you were supposed to be gomez.


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Out of anyone, why me?

At 13, I was walking to the bus stop after school. I thought I trusted him. he waited at the bus stop with me. That was the last time I was every truly happy. He did things I didn't want him to do and


Breathing relaxes me decretes negative thought patterns

body issues

Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable with my body, and this affects me in a negative manner; you know, how I view myself in relation to others. What can I do to stop comparing myself to others?


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