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Hi. I don't know what to call this.

TW: Depictions of Sexual Assault and Abuse

It's amazing how the people that would take a bullet for you are sometimes the people holding the gun. To clear this up, I'm a female (15 now, 14 when this happened. I have indentfied as asexual for three years). I had been with my then girlfriend for maybe a month and had her over at my house. We were chilling on my bed, watching a movie and hanging out (and occasionally kissing, obviously), when she decided we needed to take things to another level. No apparently means nothing to some people. I guarantee that if my mom hadn't come and knocked on our door, I would have been raped. Situations similar to this happened multiple times. I never consented to any of it. Eventually, we broke up during an argument when I yelled "I'm asexual! Why the f**k does that not matter to you?!" and she accused me of "using her". I realized in recent months what had actually happened during that time. I would go to my parents about this, but they are extremely homophobic and would turn against me since I was dating a girl. I found this site, and wow... feels a lot better getting that off my chest.


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