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I believe you

I’m a grandma and my oldest granddaughter of 17 told me she was raped when she was 16 she told me what happened and my heart literally broke for her I didn’t know what to do we talked about it and she really didn’t want to report him . I wanted to but even at my age I’ve seen too many times where the rapist always gets preferred treatment and the girl gets dragged through the mud putting too much pressure on the girl as though she hadn’t been through enough. I figure karma will find him and I’d rather take care of it myself rather than to get law involved bc I don’t think it would have done any good no evidence only her word against his so there’s that. Now I have a friend that said it should’ve been reported bc that’s how they get away with it. Idk all the answers but I do know that school and all the stuff you go through is only a blink and when you graduate you might come out with a really good friend or two. I know that young girls feel like they are under a microscope with their looks how they act etc it’s really sad bc most of it just doesn’t matter as you leave school to move on and become your own self. I pray young girls will learn to stand up for themselves and others when they are being mistreated and for their futures!! Go girls


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