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I woke up - Short story

I woke up.. this morning floating outside my body.

I walked or floated away from my room. I went down to the kitchen and fell in love. Not with a person and thing. I fell in love with the way my house had this aura, the loving aura. I fell in love with the dusty record player in the corner of the living room. I fell in love with the books and how they stumble against the dark brown shelves. I've never felt real love but I fell in love. I walked outside and my sibling played around then I saw myself. I was playing with my old scooter, the silver scooter with pink handles. I remember falling multiple times and I scraped my knee. I cried because I hated the feeling of pain but I loved how my blood looked. It's kinda funny because I say I hated the pain, but I would fall on the same knee, on the same spot to feel the same pain over and over again. I remember my older brother's friends would come over 24/7. I don’t think they ever liked me, probably because they heard my story from my older brother or because I'm a girl. I always wanted friends like them because they just seem cool. I remember so many memories from when I was little. Now I'm here, floating out my body… I went back to the room to wake up but it didn’t let me. I noticed a bottle of pills lying next to me. I think I died. Why would I do that to myself? I'm trying to go back but it didn't work. I watched as the moon left and the bright sun rised. As my soul slowly leaves, my family walks in….

I closed my eyes and ears not wanting that to be my last memories. I wished I never did that but my work is done.


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