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In pain but hopeful

We are parents of a now 21 yo. Our daughter has been suffering from depression and anxiety for a while now. We encourage communication. Our advice: Never give up hope.. You are loved! And, most importantly, you are not alone. Remember, you are important and an integral part of the whole. You are not small but rather bigger than life itself. Have courage and stay strong!


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I recently have been torn between two guys that I like. One I told me feelings and he didn't reciprocate, the second one is in a relationship currently. Idk what to do but it makes me a little sad esp

I blame myself for moving schools and everyday I try to suck in my fat but it never feels like I am trying. I try to tell my friends but it's like no gets it at sometime I stood in the mirror looking

she was a great friend I treated her with kindness and she treated me great but when I broke up with my boyfriend she talked crap behind my back and saying how crappy it was she dated 5 guys in one we

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