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Just wanted to post something I saw online

I am being 10000% serious right now. When someone has experienced ANY form of abuse, they may never forgive the person who hurt them. It doesn't matter if you've changed. Saying you're sorry doesn't fix what you did. The only way you could make them feel even willing to forgive you, you will have to change the past. It will always effect them and the pain will NEVER go away.


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Out of anyone, why me?

At 13, I was walking to the bus stop after school. I thought I trusted him. he waited at the bus stop with me. That was the last time I was every truly happy. He did things I didn't want him to do and


Breathing relaxes me decretes negative thought patterns

body issues

Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable with my body, and this affects me in a negative manner; you know, how I view myself in relation to others. What can I do to stop comparing myself to others?


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