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I used to believe in karma: that bad people were sent the bad things they deserved and good people were rewarded with the opposite. Yes, things are not always so black and white; sometimes there are good people who do bad things and vice versa. But, ultimately, I believed people deserved what happened to them and if I was a good person, I would be rewarded. Now, I’m not so sure. Bad things have happened in my life, all out of my control. Even through some of these struggles, I’ve put on a brave face and tried my best to help the people who really needed it. I left my own needs on the back burner because the people around me needed my happy self more. I’ve always been a kind person: one you lean on and go to for advice or a good hug. But, bad things keep happening to me and I’m confident that I’ve done nothing to deserve them. I keep getting hurt. I’ll do my best to keep going, day by day, and hopefully, eventually things will be better. Karma cannot be real. No one deserves what happens to them if this is how it makes them feel.


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