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My parents

I have anxiety and depression and my parents claim they "understand" but they dont. I dance and i have to take 4 hours a week of dance plus school and work. I dropped some of my hours at work and dance so i could focus on school and sleep better. That did not work and i started cutting myself. A lot of the time I want to skip dance and sleep because it makes me feel better, and my mom said i cant just sleep my way through life. At this point it feels like my only outlet to feeling better. Ive done a lot of things to try to help my depression and i'm even on medication. Bro i do not know what to do and i feel like im about to lose my sh*t because ive tried almost everything that hasnt been working.


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Sometimes, I do not feel comfortable with my body, and this affects me in a negative manner; you know, how I view myself in relation to others. What can I do to stop comparing myself to others?


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