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I wake up to

An empty room with just a bed and chairs

My body feels weak and my stomach is in pain I looks at my hand and i see an iv with fluid going

Through it the first night at the hospital everything

Was blurry i remember getting transported i felt

So alone and scared i kept getting flashbacks of

The overwhelming feeling of the pills ever since

That day every time i take medication i get that

Flashback and the negative thoughts mixed

Together i'm trying to get past it but i can’t Whenever i get the thought of wanting to

Do it again i remind myself the feeling of the



Tired of feeling weak

Tired of taking medication

Tired of bottling everything up until i can’t

Tired of trying to hide my insecurities

Tired of having no appetite

Tired of having no energy

Tired of having no motivation

Tired of my suicidal and self harm thoughts

Tired of feeling like i need to lose weight

Tired of trying to hide my emotions


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