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Being In high school, i'm around drugs constantly. There are kids who vape, kids who do weed, smoke cigs, do acid, shrooms and all other kinds of shit. And i'm friends with most of them. i could go into all the poetic tragedies and tribulations of the problems caused by drugs, but the bottom line is that as fun as they are, they can tear people apart. Even harmless shit like weed. I've seen friendships end over weed, people turned into everyday liars because they can't go a day without doing it and the burden of having to carry it all around. Don't get me wrong, drugs are fun, but taken to the extreme, as often happens with teenagers, they just become a big weight that you have to lug around. I like doing weed, but I've seen what it's done to friends, especially my best friend. They have spent that last 3 months doing weed almost every single day and watching them slowly fall into the dependency, the lies, the hiding and destructive behaviors has been kinda painful. they are doing better now, but it's hard watching someone you love become someone else, especially over something that seems so lighthearted. Just be careful when experimenting with shit like that. It's fun until it's not.


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