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Sexual assault and harassment happens so much when I'm with my girlfriend. Being queer is actually a daily battle because safety is always something we both have to consider when going anywhere together. People in school are constantly saying things that are homophobic, and older boys are the worst. We went to this one guys house (a mutual friend) and he tried to sexually assault both of us. We saw the signs, and the aggression and we managed to leave soon enough that nothing would happen, but we had to literally run from his house. He had guns in his room. So much about him we didn't know about and we told friends we were over there and talked with them afterwards to tell them that we are safe. There's been multiple times where we have been harassed and not even because we are dating because most the time we don't even hold hands in public for safety. I feel that I can't protect myself or her and it sucks sm like that we feel so much pressure this young. (I'm 16 shes 17) and we have been dating for a year and 4 months. I love everything about her but the outside world just sucks and sometimes I wish I was a guy sometimes because none of this would happen.


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