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i'm tired of hearing and seeing all the posts of young women and girls coming out with their stories. of people assaulting, gas-lighting, blackmailing, raping, etc. it makes me sad that so many people have experienced what i have, but even worse experiences. it breaks my heart that this is the world that we live in. shouldn't we feel safe? shouldn't we feel comfortable? as a teenage girl in 2023, i want to be able to walk around with my head held high with no fear that someone is going to hurt/harm/rape me. i have read some of the entries on this page and i am horrified at some of the things some of these people have been through. it makes me sad that this is what society is, and some people don't even get justice. these happenings will stick with us for the rest of our lives and it's sickening. some of us were barely old enough to understand the circumstances. for me? i was 13. i didn't understand what was going on. i didn't know what the motive was to hurt me. But i want my girlhood back. it wasn't yours to take. it was mine first. i truly hope those who have been affected by things like this find happiness and closure. you are so very strong.


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