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Tired… of what?

Lately I have been feeling tired… but not the usual tired when you haven’t got enough sleep, but the kind of tired that you just don’t know how to get rid of it. I get enough sleep, I do, I think, I sleep after school and I get 7hrs of sleep or more every night.

But now… I feel like my body is screaming and begging for me to rest, and take a breath but it seems like I can’t.

Today, one of my friends saw me at work and hug me; I told him to stop hugging me or else he would make me cry. He asked if I was okay and I just said I’m tired… he hug me again and my eyes started filling with tears and I almost couldn’t hold it in. I’m tired? Yes I am… of feeling like I’m in prison in my own home The thought of my dad stalking me through the parking lot of work of school seeing if I’m talking to a guy because I’m supposed to “concentrate on my studies” Feeling anxious picking the skin in my finger, and feeling the need to cry when someone barely raises their voice at me, or asks me if I’m okay

I’m tired

I wish I didn’t feel this way

My depression wanting to come back every day but me not letting affect me Trying not to have another episode of me screaming and crying and hitting the steering wheel of my car. Feeling like shit almost every single day! Not wanting to get home because almost every single time; my family is always constantly judging me and making me cry… the satisfaction I see on their faces when I let my emotions show I hate that I’m tired of showing my emotions in front of them…


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