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“When I was your age”

At 14, I found myself in a sexually abusive relationship which propelled me into a publicly advertised Feminist journey (thank you to Tumblr for the introduction). I didn’t tell anyone at the time that I was being pressured but my parents knew there was intercourse happening. My Dad took his disapproval of it out on me & my mom refused to put me on birth control, telling me to just stop “having sex” (as if it were that simple). I developed a distrust for men & a hatred for the public education system for failing myself & other girls my age who were victims of revenge porn, sexual harassment & rape. For a brief period I had decided that I wanted to become a sexual health teacher at the middle/high school levels to ensure that the next generation was equipt w/ knowledge & taught to respect others physically & emotionally but upon working at a Teen shelter, I realized that his type of work is too hard for me mentally. Regardless, I will continue to fight for the young girls who are being targeted sexually by boys & men alike just as I had been, when I was your age.


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